About We-Amp B.V.

Founded in The Netherlands in 2013 by Otto van der Schaaf and Kees Spoelstra, We-Amp offers web performance optimization tools & consultancy and web server customizations & tuning to organizations worldwide. Our organization actively contributes to the open source community and delivers commercial-grade support on projects it's involved in.

Proud members of Google’s PageSpeed team

Alongside Google’s own engineers, We-Amp technicians work on the Google PageSpeed project dedicated to make the web faster. Google PageSpeed consists of numerous tools to analyze and (automatically) optimize webpages. We-Amp uses its in-depth knowledge of webserver technologies and performance optimization to help Google bringing its PageSpeed platform to IIS, NGINX and ATS, as well as working directly on the core services of PageSpeed.

Apache Traffic Server contributions

We-Amp employees act as committers and contributors on the open source Apache Traffic Server (ATS) project. Apache Traffic Server is a fast, scalable and extensible caching proxy server. It scales well on modern SMP hardware, handling 10s of thousands of requests per second. Our work on ATS includes development of modules for gzip compression and Google PageSpeed optimization.