PageSpeed modules & tools

PageSpeed is a technology from Google, designed to help a website's performance optimizations. Faster websites offer a better user experience, boost rankings in Google and increase conversion rates. We-Amp takes part in Google's PageSpeed development team and offers a wide range of (commercial) products based on PageSpeed technology.

Online PageSpeed file optimizer

Upload your files and download a zip with the pagespeed optimized verions.

Web server modules & plugins

Instead of manually improving your website you can let PageSpeed automatically do the optimizations for you. We-Amp offers a commercial PageSpeed module for Microsoft IIS and an open-source PageSpeed plugin for Traffic Server. We offer commercial-grade support on open-source modules for Apache and NGINX.

Online PageSpeed analysis

PageSpeed analysis and web performance history tracking for your web pages.

PageSpeed optimization preview

Try PageSpeed on your website without installing software.

PageSpeed monitoring service

Automatic monitoring of your website's PageSpeed compliance. Coming soon!

Proud members of Google’s PageSpeed team

Alongside Google’s own engineers, We-Amp technicians work on the Google PageSpeed project dedicated to make the web faster. Google PageSpeed consists of numerous tools to analyze and (automatically) optimize webpages. We-Amp uses its in-depth knowledge of webserver technologies and performance optimization to help Google bringing its PageSpeed platform to IIS, NGINX and ATS, as well as working directly on the core services of PageSpeed.