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We-Amp is a high-end open source consulting agency with a track record in network and benchmarking technologies. It has succesfully executed on partnerships with top tier tech companies to deliver both open and closed source networking solutions.

Track record

Over the years, We-Amp has delivered both consultancy as well as software solutions to many customers across the globe. We empower small businesses through generic solutions like IISpeed, but also have assisted top-tier tech companies materialize their flagship network technology solutions with a hands on approach.

IISpeed logo
mod_pagespeed's twin on Microsoft IIS

We materialized mod_pagespeed's twin for Microsoft IIS by porting the project to work on Windows, and imlementing a (fully asynchronous) c++ IIS rewrite filter extension.

Envoy Proxy - Nighthawk
Envoy Proxy / Nightawk
L7 performance characterization

Nighthawk is an open source layer seven performance optimization tool, build on top of Envoy's libraries. It is used to characerize performance of Envoy, a microservices proxy that powers Istio. We-Amp is the leading contributor for this project.

envoyproxy/nighthawk on github
PageSpeed Automatic
PageSpeed meter
JIT web performance optimization

PageSpeed is a just-in-tim web performance optimization library which powers web modules like Apache's mod_pagespeed. We-Amp has played a major role in materializing ngx_pagespeed alongside of Google, and has been driving the project in Apache's incubator as Google transitioned out of its role as the controling entity of the project. We-Amp runs modpagespeed.com which mirrors the Apache documentation site as of today.

FastCGI for Apache Traffic Server
FastCGI implementation for Apache Traffic Server

We wrote a FastCGI implementation for Apache Traffic Server in order to provide our favorite proxy with advanced origin capabilities.

ats_fastcgi (tests)
Empowering teams
Empowering teams

We have have worked with multiple teams across the globe in order to help them execute on their desired technical strategy. Engagements varied from helping Fortune 500 (tech) companies architect and execute on their flagship products in a hands-on approach, to to helping small businesses grow revenues through optimizing their online presence.

PageSpeed for Apache Traffic Server
PageSpeed plugin for Apache Traffic Server

We needed this plugin as part of our infrastructure to re-host and preview pagespeed optimization results on the fly.



In 2010, web applications commonly would deliver content that was far from optimized for bandwidth or latency. We-Amp was founded on the idea that web content could be automatically optimized for delivery, which back then was a fairly novel concept. The company launched in 2012 in tandem with landing a partnership with Google, who back then had started out on a similar mission with "their make the web faster initiative". We-Amp joined the mission to materialize ngx_pagespeed - a port of its Apache counterpart to NGINX. We-Amp has played a major role in materializing and supporting this web module. In tandem, We-Amp developed and launched it's IIS port, bringing the full power of PageSpeed optimization to the Microsoft platform.


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